• PAG 6 - Prevention / SH Improvement

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
Name of Group: PAG 6 – Prevention/SH Improvement
Accountable to: Greater Manchester Sexual Health Network Board
Reports via: Reports sent to Network Board bi-monthly
Purpose of the Committee/Group: To bring together workers with expertise in sexual health promotion/prevention from the statutory and voluntary sectors; to identify priorities to take to Network Board
Scope of Group:
oShare good practice developed locally, regionally and nationally.
oEvaluate sexual health promotion messages and ensure those delivered across Greater Manchester are consistent, appropriate and inclusive of all age groups
oAdopt and adapt the national sexual health campaign to ensure it reaches local key target groups
oDevelop and support creative and innovative practice targeted at hard to reach groups
oTo work in partnership in seeking opportunities for joint initiatives and campaigns utilising economies of scale, pooling resources where possible and accessing external funding
oPromote and facilitate access to good quality training for staff to improve interventions and ensure effective dissemination.
oDevelop a Workplan
Core Membership: Chair – Geoff Holliday (to be reviewed after 12 months). Pete Smith agreed to be Vice Chair
Representatives from: Health promotion services across Greater Manchester, staff with a special interest and Community Voluntary Sectors.
Frequency of Meetings: bi-monthly
Attendance: The group may wish to invite individuals from other organisations to contribute to the discussion and aid greater understanding of specific topics/discussions.
Action Notes: Action points will be recorded at each meeting

Group Papers

29th Jan 2014 - Terms of Reference