New standards of care for HIV

By Wendy Alam, 18th December 2012

The British HIV Association has launched new standards for care for people living with HIV. An estimated 96,000 people are currently living with HIV in the UK.

They cover 12 key themes, prioritised as being the most important issues for the care of people with HIV. Derived from the best available evidence, the Standards focus on aspects of care that have particular relevance for delivering equitable high-quality services that secure the best possible outcomes for people with HIV.

The standards are aimed at commissioners and service providers and aim to ensure that access to treatment and care is equitable, safe and effective. For the first time, they recognise the importance of patient engagement in cost-effective prescribing and medicines management. They also define a set of auditable outcomes that should be achieved when providing care to people living with HIV.

Standards can be viewed at:

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