DH - A Framework for Sexual Health Improvement March 2013

By Wendy Alam, 18th March 2013

Published today DH's Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England. The framework is designed to be used by local organisations, including local authorities and health and wellbeing boards, to help them provide the best sexual health services in their area. It sets out a number of ambitions for sexual health, including the need for:
•a fall in the number of unwanted pregnancies
•greater efforts to prevent HIV and STIs
•an increase in the number of people in high-risk groups being tested for HIV
•making sure that all people have rapid and easy access to appropriate sexual health services
•offering counselling to all women who request an abortion so they can discuss the options and choices available with a trained counsellor

To encourage a culture, which is more open about sex and relationships and for people to be able to make informed choices free from stigma, coercion and abuse.

The framework is also available at:

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