Remembering Alison

By Wendy Alam, 21st June 2017

Heartfelt tributes have been paid by colleagues to Alison Howe who tragically lost her life in the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena on 22 May.

Alison, or Ally as she was known to many, was a Health Care Assistant at Oldham Sexual Health Service in Greater Manchester and has been described as ‘a really special lady’ by those who knew her.

A Virgin Money Giving page has been created to raise funds to help provide whatever support Alison’s family need at this devastating time and in the future.

Alison’s team have been regularly in touch with her husband and have been reflecting on the time they spent with her by creating a memory wall of photos in the service.

Sexual Health Nurse Sharon Kofa, who worked with Alison for 13 years, said: “She was everything a close colleague should be; highly skilled, supportive, non-judgmental, warm, funny and professional in her role at all times. She always instinctively knew when something was bothering me and was always there with a positive word and outlook bringing me back down to earth which was a real special quality she had with her close team members.

“She was the most brilliant mum I have ever met as well, and her two girls and family were the very centre of her being. I will miss her beautiful face like crazy every day in clinic and it will never be the same knowing she is not with us anymore. It was a real pleasure to know and work closely with her for so many years. A really special lady.”

Nurse Manager Lorraine Roberts, Alison’s manager for 14 years, said she was an amazing colleague and a pleasure to work with:

“She has no sickness record as she didn't do sick. She used to say 'come to work, do what needs to be done, enjoy your day and then go home to your family'. She never asked for anytime back if she worked over and was always flexible and helpful. She was always smiling.

“We have gone through many life events together and had many giggles and tears. We once had a conversation regarding our children. She told me what the vicar had said; it was 'choose your friends wisely'. Me and Alison made this our mantra and one we passed onto our children. All I can say is that this mantra became real as she was a true friend to everybody and we will all miss her so, so much. We have so many beautiful and brilliantly funny memories. We have lost something good but, my, did I pick my friend wisely.”

If you would like to donate to the giving page please see below.

As part of the wider Greater Manchester sexual health community, the Network's commissioning leads group would also like to add their heartfelt condolences to Alison's family, friends and work colleagues during such a very sad time

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