New FSRH patient guide: Advice for women seeking contraception, abortion and other SRH services during COVID-19

By Wendy Alam, 13th May 2020

Women should know that they can get telephone appointments with clinics or GPs and that they are still entitled to free contraception. The guide is based on FSRH clinical guidance on essential services and provision of effective contraception during the Covid-19 pandemicIt covers four key areas:

Common questions: Covers the key changes to SRH service provisions, advice on who they should contact to access support and what can be expected from healthcare providers.
How can I access…: Provides guidance on how to access a range of services, including LARCs, abortion care, prescriptions and emergency contraception.
What if…: Answers the common questions asked by women seeking SRH support at this time.
Useful links: We’ve shared links to the trusted sources of information for patients who require further advice on abortion, SRH and HIV services.

For further information and the full leaflet visit the FSRH website

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