New Film for Young People on the Lifelong Consequences of Drinking during Pregnancy

By Wendy Alam, 4th June 2021

It’s society’s acceptable drug, a part of everyday life but drinking during pregnancy can cause lifelong harm and lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

We are delighted to invite you to be part of this livestream launch of Birthday, a brand-new film aimed at young adults to raise awareness of the harm caused by drinking during pregnancy.

Did you know?

• It’s estimated that 41% of pregnancies in the UK are alcohol exposed.
• Recent prevalence research shows that FASD may affect 1.8% of children. Therefore approximately 619 babies are born every year in Greater Manchester with FASD and the same number enter the education system each September requiring additional health and educational support to fulfil their potential.
• FASD is a range of lifelong disabilities that includes physical, mental, behavioural and learning impairments. It often causes difficulties with speech, language, memory, attention, planning and decision-making.
• The new film aims to stimulate conversations to overcome the entrenched societal perceptions and misconceptions of drinking during pregnancy by exploring youth culture and alcohol in relation to sex and relationships without alienating or stigmatising the target audience.

To structure conversations prompted by the film, a set of lesson plan resources are also available.

Developed by Oldham Theatre Workshop | on behalf of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership the film follows the success of the original interactive theatre performance and educational workshop that toured secondary schools in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside in 2019 attended by over 5,000 young people.

Places are not limited, and we welcome anybody with an interest in preventing prenatal alcohol harm or raising awareness of FASD.

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